FairTax: What Will It Take?

No one who knows anything about Washington politics ever thought passing the FairTax would be easy.  The fact is, in real terms, it may be harder to get the FairTax passed than our original rebellion against the British Crown and the ratification of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution combined.

The original colonies had many who still supported the King, and felt their lives would be more comfortable under British rule, but even they recognized the British Empire had real problems, and that the American colonists needed and deserved more autonomy.  The only question was how to go about getting it.  Most of the American intellectual, religious, and political leadership agreed that secession was the only real answer.  The colonists, while not united in their feelings toward rebellion, all recognized that a change was necessary, and the frontier environment had bred a people capable of making tough decisions.

Contrast that with today’s environment.  While most of the politically aware understand and support the FairTax, a large segment of the uneducated public knows little or nothing about the proposal.  Even worse, they are deliberately kept ignorant of the benefits of the FairTax through selective omission of FairTax information from popular media outlets, and are actively encouraged to accept their current fiscal bondage.  Only a few brave souls take their journalistic responsibility to educate the public seriously and disseminate the truth about the FairTax.

Even worse, many of those in leadership positions have significant personal investment in the current system and are, therefore, reluctant to take any action that endangers their political power, campaign resources, or personal wealth.  They like things the way they are, even if it means fiscal catastrophe at some point in the not too distant future.  After all, they won’t be the ones most affected.

In a nutshell, the cards are stacked against the FairTax.

But the opposition, like any House of Cards, is doomed to fall.  The FairTax is simply too good, too necessary, and too important to be defeated.  In the past, political opponents of the FairTax could make outrageous claims, and no one disputed them.  Now, when folks like Bruce Bartlett torture the truth to promote their personal agenda, a cadre of dedicated, and educated, FairTaxers take him to task (New York Times, “Is FairTax Herman Cain’s Ace in the Hole”).  Presidential candidate Herman Cain didn’t mince words when challenged on the FairTax.  He looked directly into the camera, and told the American public the Bush Presidential Tax Commission was wrong on the FairTax, and had deliberately “fudged” the numbers to get the answers they wanted.

Sure, we have timid souls, with tepid ideas of tax reform that would leave us worse off than what we have now, but FairTax supporters are more of the mold set by Adams, Henry, or Hamilton.  They understand, and embody, a spirit that has been handed down from our revolutionary ancestors.  When faced with tremulous whimpers from those like Bartlett, they channel the fire of Samuel Adams,

“If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

Today, we have too many who are willing to trade their liberty for tax breaks, their freedom and right of self-determination for security, and control of their futures for promises of personal enrichment at the expense of their fellow citizens.  Like the Tories of old, they would rather lick the hand that feeds them than embrace the foibles of Freedom.

More than two hundred year ago, a few brave Americans refused to shrink from the challenge before them, and from their efforts, a new Nation was born.  Today, we, their descendents, are faced with the challenge of preserving it.

So, the answer to the question, what will it take to pass the FairTax is simple…….



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9 comments on “FairTax: What Will It Take?
  1. Scrap Iron says:

    What wil it take?
    It will take about 250 new congressmen who care more about their country and less about the position and power they have.

  2. Bill E. Payne says:

    What wil it take?
    It will take a lot of ignorance and apathy; a good measure of laziness; some contentment; a ton of confidence in our elected officials; endearment to the IRS; and a love for inequality.

    Oh, wait! I meant the opposite of all that!


  3. Taxes was one of the main reasons for the founding of our country.; And now taxes are going to be one of main reasons for the fall of our country. The people need to stand up and shout and demand change (not Obama change, but change Obama to start with.)

  4. Dale Donaho says:

    It will take a whole lot of people with enough guts to stick their fists up their ass and grab ahold of enough backbone to get it done. I think there are many many people that are FOR the Fair Tax, as long as they think they wont have to fade any heat for it. The opposition is working overtime to scare the living crap out of THOSE people over it. But at the end of the day its all about US and what WE are willling to do for it. So My answer to those who want change but aren’t williing to pony up! IF YOU DO NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, NOTHING HAPPENS!!!!!!!!

  5. Stephen Uhl says:

    For evil to prevail, the good simply need do nothing. — Contact your Congresspersons and let them know this is important for the good of the country, for reducing unemployment (including their own IF they vote for it).

  6. Alisa Griffis says:

    From someone whose ancestors assisted in the founding of this great nation (my 7th great uncle hung the lanterns in the Old North Church for Paul Revere’s ride), I know the fortitude it takes to shake off the bounds of tyranny. We who live in these times must not grow weary – but instead, we must renew our minds with strength and make this change in taxation for the betterment of our children and our children’s children. We write history with the heroic, wise, and necessary actions of today. Two hundred years from now, what will our descendants be saying about us?

  7. Stephen Uhl says:

    Yes, it takes us Americans to bring power back to the people; but politicos are biased against FairTax, since it does indeed bring power back to the people. So please push yourself and your group members to sign the growing PETITION TO CONGRESS below; it takes numbers (big numbers) to influence the ensconced politicos:

    to replace our complex income tax with a simple federal sales tax

    The present 67,000 pages of burdensome tax legislation allow so many exceptions and exclusions and so much favoritism that it cannot possibly be made fair and simple. This has driven companies and individual bank accounts offshore and encouraged non-compliance costing billions in uncollected taxes. The untaxed underground economy may be near half a trillion dollars annually adding further to the burden of honest and complying citizens. The pimps, prostitutes, pushers of drugs and all the dealers under the table need to help carry our federal tax burden.

    FairTax (H.R. 25 & S. 13) would replace the unfixable I.R.S. Code with a simple 23% federal sales tax on new goods and services. This would eliminate all federal withholding, all corporate and individual income taxes, estate, gift, and capital gains taxes. This FairTax progressively untaxes the poor altogether with a rebate. It encourages untaxed corporations to American shores greatly expanding employment opportunities. This would fill our shelves and showrooms with far less expensive goods. “Made in America” can become popular again.

    H.R. 25 now has 61 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives and eight senate co-sponsors. For much more complete and timely information on this historic legislation, go to http://www.fairtax.org and http://www.fairtaxnation.com .

    Please sign this petition and forward it to your voting friends for their signatures; we need many thousands of signatures nationwide. Numbers of voters with ZIP codes of the politicians’ own congressional districts is what impresses politicians. So get your groups and friends to sign and give their ZIP codes; politicos tend to be biased against FairTax since it takes manipulative power from them and returns the power to the people. We need to show the politicos that we are serious when we say we are fed up with the manipulative games they and their lobbyists play with the present I.R.S. code. When taxpayers learn of FairTax, they generally see that it really does return power to the people. This is worth working for!


    To Replace Income Tax With Sales Tax

  8. Dwight Mann says:

    First things first, we need to get rid of the Communist in Chief, by forcing the Birth and records issues. Why does he hide them with a Presidential order? Guilty as charged. . . Then we can get the Fair tax ratified, but first and foremost we need to get rid of the CORRUPTOCRACY in DC. We are doing both at the same time and that is a little bit ineffective, but who cares as long as it gets done. . .

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