FairTax: No More Mister Nice Guy

While those of us who support the FairTax have been educating the public, lobbying public officials, and working to promote the FairTax, many have been working just as hard to destroy the American economy through the imposition of every higher taxes, increasingly unintelligible IRS regulations, and fracturing of the American public into mutually envious subgroups divided by methods of treatment under IRS rules and regulations.  At the same time, they have been destroying the most productive economy the world has ever seen by making American products more expensive, and American factories less productive, compared to our foreign competitors.

In other words, while we have been working to create a better future for all Americans, many have been working to deny all Americans their dreams, their hopes, and their futures.

It’s time to cut the crap, and recognize just what is happening.

There are a lot of folks who don’t know anything about the FairTax, and, while they don’t support it, they don’t oppose it.  For these individuals, as they learn about the FairTax, most will become supporters, and we need to work with them.

But those who oppose the FairTax now, after all the education and discussions, will never become supporters, and, in fact, will work tirelessly to undermine and marginalize the FairTax at every opportunity.  For these, it is time to stop being nice!!

Instead of trying to educate individuals who will use our kindness and understanding against us, we need to aggressively counter and, rhetorically, destroy them and their arguments.  We need to expose them, the horrendous effects of their policies, and the unimaginable future they, if allowed, have in store for America.  Our opponents need to be held accountable for what they have done, the misery they have caused, and the futures they have taken from America’s children.

America’s poor are not poor because of capitalism, education, bigotry, or racism.  They are poor because supporters of the income tax system want and need an underclass who serve as political cannon fodder each election cycle.  When America’s poor die of crime, drugs, neglect, or hopelessness, it is because of the policies and programs forcibly imposed on Americans by income tax supporters.  When young, poor, men and women can’t get jobs, it is because of the tax policies and regulations imposed on American businesses by supporters of the income tax system.  The lives of unemployment and dependency they face have been deliberately inflicted upon them by supporters of the income tax system for their own venal benefits.

When those who can’t afford mega-bucks lawyers and accountants tremble at the thought of having to do their tax returns, it isn’t because they are stupid, it is because supporters of the income tax deliberately created an unfathomable labyrinth of regulations so that Americans would live in fear of an omnipotent IRS that can take everything with no explanation and no recourse.  

For decades, followers of Marxist principles, including an income tax, have justified individual misery and degradation as a small price to pay for the promised benefits, and have escaped accountability by claiming fidelity to a “higher principle”.

It is time for this to end.  Whether in public or in private, opponents of the FairTax need to be forced to defend themselves and their demonstrably destructive policies.  The question is no longer whether the FairTax is good, but how any rational human being with an ounce of compassion can oppose it in favor of any income tax system.

FairTax supporters need to be on the attack!!  Actively seeking out opponents and exposing them.  The general public needs to see opponents of the FairTax for what they are… supporters of an oppressive system of taxation that is being used to create and maintain millions in poverty and dependency so that a few can reap the benefits of underclass exploitation.

Every time they whisper against the FairTax, opponents need to be held up for ridicule, denigration, and disgust.

It doesn’t matter whether opponents of the FairTax understand it or not, nor do their reasons for supporting our current system of income taxation.

All that really matters is that they learn to fear FairTax supporters, and learn to keep their silence in order to avoid public exposure for what they are.

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6 comments on “FairTax: No More Mister Nice Guy
  1. Scrap Iron says:

    When the income tax was first proposed (during the war of northern aggression?) I can’t believe they thought of the complex, convoluted system we now have.
    It is conceivable, however, that in the interim, (before 1913) that they DID come to understand that a complex code could be used to bamboozle an unsuspecting public.
    And so, the IRS and the income tax became THE way to fund government.
    Fair? Not even.
    That’s why I let people know the Fair Tax is, in effect, a tax on accumulated wealth.
    Sure, the elites in power don’t like it, but the “regular” people I DO talk to like the idea.

  2. Bill E. Payne says:

    Alright – the gloves are off!

  3. Ed Pickard says:

    Alright ! … The gloves are off, and I guess I am as upset at the fools who feed us this daily bull from our government as the next guy, but what can we do that has not already been tried. Some “action ideas” whould be good now!
    Letters and postering doesn’t work. We elect people who are only self-serving, from the President down.When we let them destroy the greatest country in the world… then what?
    How about getting the “Media” on our side?

    • MerlinYoda says:

      It really depends on what “media” you target. I get the feeling that most of the large “mainstream” media outlets have a few too many vested interests in our current federal tax system in one form or another.

      However, if we can find enough “independent” media outlets that are large enough, I think we could definitely get some increase in exposure. I know there was a favorable piece in HuffPo a little while back so that was a start. If we can get some big vloggers to come out in support of the FairTax (on all sides naturally) in a big way (like doing several series of vlogs about it), I think we could start to get some real leverage.

  4. MerlinYoda says:

    As long as we differentiate the true opponents from the woefully misinformed (i.e. those that could yet be made supporters by shedding light upon in what particular ways they have been misinformed), then let the rhetorical fists fly! 🙂

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