A message to all FairTaxers

A message to all FairTaxers from FairTax Nation

We FairTax advocates have come to expect roadblocks from our Washington politicians. The FairTax Hearing by the House Ways and Means Committee appears to be no exception. To begin with, the length of our hearing has been halved to allow another panel to testify on value added taxes. In addition, we had recommended a list of FairTax experts to testify at the FairTax hearing scheduled for 10:00 am next Tuesday, but apparently, except for the inclusion of Mike Huckabee, our list was ignored. Just yesterday, we learned that in place of our recommended experts a name (Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff) was taken from our website to be our witness. Dr. Kotlikoff is an excellent economist that has conducted research for AFFT. We were shocked by this turn of events and immediately expressed our displeasure to W&M Committee Chairman Dave Camp’s office.Today, Dr. David Tuerck, at the request of Dr. Kotlikoff to the W&M Committee, has been permitted to join Kotlikoff as a presenter, and we applaud this as Dr. Tuerck was on our list of recommended presenters.

It is customary for the minority party (now Democratic) to appoint one presenter and they quickly chose Bruce Bartlett who has for years been pumping out misinformation and misusing economic data to support an anti FairTax position. Bruce Bartlett has no formal economic training. He has a masters degree in history and his graduate paper was on the culpability of the U.S. in starting WWII.

Whereas, yesterday it seemed there was little chance for a full and complete hearing on the FairTax proposal, now with participation of Dr. Tuerck there is more hope that this will be possible. It now largely is in the hands of the Committee members via their questions and its Chairman, Dave Camp’s allocation of sufficient time to the FairTax protagonists, relative to the time allowed the antagonist, to permit a logical presentation of the proposal.

We hope Rep. Camp can provide the educational experience for Committee members and the public that is necessary for informed decision making.

Our thanks Roger Buchholtz, Michigan State Director, for sharing this report!

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Marilyn Rickert

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