The FairTax – A More Stable Source of Revenue

How would you like a raise? How would you like a monthly check from the government depending on the size of your family?

You are probably saying to yourself, “this sounds too good to be true”. The fact is these things would happen overnight with the passage of the FairTax. On July 26th the House Ways and Means Committee held a hearing on the FairTax bill HR25, for the first time since it was first introduced into Congress in 1999.

We are on the brink of financial disaster in this country. The FairTax actually would have brought in more revenue in 2010 than the income tax did. This is a by-product of the fact that taxes based on consumption are a more stable source of revenue than taxes based on income.

The perception that this is a Republican scheme is flat out wrong. When you take the time to examine the FairTax in depth, you will see that it is truly bipartisan. Let’s get this economy rolling again!

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