The FairTax: Americanism! not Socialism

Ask me about Socialism, Marxism, Fascism, or Communism and I’m clueless. I couldn’t tell you the differences between any of them to save my life. But I know how to read and I understand when something doesn’t make sense. To call the FairTax a “socialist tool” is like calling Karl Marx, George Soros and Saul Alinsky right-wing extremists. The FairTax goes against EVERYTHING those Socialists have ever wanted. And since Socialism hinges upon income tax, why would anyone even think for a second that the FairTax is a “socialist tool” (unless, they themselves don’t understand socialism)? If anything the FairTax opposes Socialism, Marxism, Fascism and Communism; and creates what is better known as Americanism; the devotion, loyalty, or allegiance to the United States of America.

To quote a few of my good friends (and FairTaxers):

“I have heard a lot of absurd arguments about the FairTax but this has to be one of the most ridiculous. Socialism, as defined by Wikipedia, is an economic system in which the means of production are publicly or commonly owned and controlled cooperatively. In other words, it is using FORCE (remember that word) to take from the productive and distribute to the unproductive. This sure sounds a lot more like the compulsory income tax than a voluntary FairTax. Under the FairTax, no one is FORCED to arbitrarily send a portion of their production to the gov’t. The citizen has the right to choose when and how much they will contribute to the gov’t coffers. The current income tax punishes productivity, it punishes savings and it punishes achievement. The FairTax, on the other hand rewards all of these activities. When the first and overriding principal of any system is FORCE, then everything that comes after is irrelevant.” ~Max

“The Communist Manifesto calls for exactly the kind of income & inheritance taxes we have now – but those of us who want to get RID of that are the socialists? give me a break!” ~Chris

“The Income Tax system was, and continues to be the crown jewel of Marxism, as noted in their Communist Manifesto. So, when we pass the FairTax and eliminate the income Tax by “changing BACK” the Constitution to what Jefferson and Madison desired, — we will have the “resurgence” of Constitutionalism!!! ~Gary”

In 1996 [1], the Cato Institute posted a blog titled “Ending Tax Socialism” wherein it clearly states “Progressive income taxation should be abolished and replaced with a flat-rate tax on income or consumption — not just to enhance efficiency but to protect our rights to life, liberty and property“.

Now, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with how you define socialism, just don’t include the FairTax in that definition and you won’t look like a fool.

[1] approximately 1 year after the FairTax was originally drafted and 3 years before it was first introduced into Congress

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