The FairTax: It’s Time to Show Up

This is a reminder that the most important action in passing the FairTax is often repeated but not often listened to, “Government belongs to those who show up.” If we believe we can make this happen we must be willing to “show up”.

Every time you’re in the bank and somebody comments about how much the government took out of their check, tell them it wouldn’t be that way with the FairTax; every time you hear a small business person say something about their costs of dealing with taxes, tell them it wouldn’t be that way with the FairTax; whenever you hear someone mention how out of control illegal immigration is, tell them it wouldn’t be that way with the FairTax; and when you’re standing in line next April 14th with hundreds of other last minute taxpayers, make sure you tell them it wouldn’t be this way with the FairTax.

These are just a couple of examples. With all the buzz right now about government and spending and taxes and debt and elections, there are opportunities every day to mention the FairTax to somebody just in the normal conversation of the day, IF we choose to “show up”. It’s a simple matter of numbers and every person we get to take a look at the FairTax is the next potential supporter.

FairTax business cards and stickers are real cheap. If you don’t have any, you can get some at Try to have some of either or both with you at all times, especially when you are going to a public event, particularly any political event. At these events you’re surrounded by other like-minded people who for one reason or another, chose to “show up.” We need to get as many people as we can to show up for the FairTax. If you attend a local 9-12 or Tea Party group meeting, ask if you can have a couple of minutes to just bring up the FairTax and let people know you’re willing to help them understand it and why they WANT to support it.

I know that everybody here knows this, but as we start to enter the next school year, and the election cycle for municipal elections in a lot of areas is starting in to high gear, remember that just a mention and a business card could be all it takes to add another FairTax supporter and advocate. If we are going to make this, The FairTax, happen, We The People are going to have to step out of our comfort zones and “show up”.

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4 comments on “The FairTax: It’s Time to Show Up
  1. sounds simple, but most of us have chickened out when the opportunity presents itself. That is ok. It just takes a few intial instances of speaking up, then before you know it, you have the confidence and knowledge to proudly advocate this SOLUTION. Always remember, this is not politics, it is economics, or in more layman terms…our wallets!!! that is the language everyone speaks.

  2. Another easy way to “show up” has been very effective for Mike Warlick, GA State Director, and me (his wife). When you speak with any customer service representative in the U.S. – about your cell phone bill, product you’ve ordered, cable TV – the CSR almost always ends the conversation with, “Is there anything else I can do for you today?”

    We answer, “As a matter of fact, there is. Do you know about the FairTax?” We make sure we’re talking to someone in the U.S., give them a short explanation, suggest they look up FairTax at when they get home or have a break, and thank them. Most of the time, the CSR will spend another five minutes or so asking questions.
    Most have never heard of FT – and most are very interested and want to know more. It’s important not to take too much time as people who work in call centers are usually judged by the number of calls they handle, how much time they take with each customer, and even how many abandoned calls a company has. Try it; it works.

    • Excellent suggestion, Marian. I’ve often thought of doing that; just never had the cajones to act on it. From here on, when I’m on one of those calls, you can rest assured that I will do just that. Thanks!

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