FairTax: In all Fairness!

What is fair about the FairTax?

“One person’s idea of “fairness” is another person’s idea of class warfare. I say if everyone is treated equally under the FairTax law at the point of taxation, then that’s is strong evidence of Fairness. If every legal resident’s tax on necessities is prepaid, then that is strong evidence of equal treatment under law and of fairness.

Why is it fair to use a different tax rate scale for married and single persons? Why is it fair to allow tax credits, exemptions and deductions for certain people but not for others? Why is it fair to charge a person with a higher income a higher tax rate than a person with a lower income? Why is it fair to take bread from the mouth of labor, to tax necessities like food and medicine? Why is it fair to tax a person’s income for his or her entire life and then tax their estate again upon death? Why is the current corrupt income tax system, a proposal of Karl Marx that does all this grotesquely unfair things considered fair by so many?” ~Paul Wheaton

To learn more about why the FairTax is fair and why the critics are wrong, please click to read.

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2 comments on “FairTax: In all Fairness!
  1. Bill E. Payne says:

    my thoughts exactly!

  2. Dale Donaho says:

    HEAR HEAR!!!!!!!!

    Well said my friend, well said.

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