Romney Misstates FairTax Impact

Date: September 13, 2011
Contact: Marv Kuhn, Texas State Director
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Romney Misstates FairTax Impact

Kalamazoo Sept.13, 2011- Because a politician or candidate says it, does not make it true. In a response to a question in the September 12 Republican presidential debate about the FairTax Mitt Romney stated that the FairTax will help the rich and poor but hurt the middle class. Because the question was asked only of Mitt Romney, no other candidate had the opportunity to respond to Romney’s statement and the public was left with only the unsubstantiated statement by Romney.

Some of America’s brightest economists have conducted studies on the FairTax that show that Americans of every income level and family status fare better under the FairTax than under the current income tax system. There is no study by any reputable economist that shows otherwise.

In hearings held this past August by the U.S. House of Representatives’ Ways and Means Committee, testimony was presented by economists Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff (Boston University) and Dr. David Tuerck (Beacon Hill Institute) that the FairTax will benefit all Americans by rapidly growing the economy and creating jobs in the U.S. for Americans.

Politicians and candidates making unsubstantiated statements do a disservice to the American public by misleading them, thereby leaving the public in the position of having to make decisions with false information. In the event that Mr. Romney has some evidence to substantiate his claim, the Michigan FairTax Association would like to know of it so as to determine its validity.

To view the studies and to learn about the FairTax go to


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11 comments on “Romney Misstates FairTax Impact
  1. Presidential GOP runner Mitt Romney needs to get his facts straight regarding the Fair Tax. I hope one of these GOP runners will champion the cause.

    • Herman Cain is a proponent of the FairTax, but he doesn’t support immediately implementing it, as he believes that it will require a lot of explaining in order to prevent people like Romney from demagoging it. Instead, he plans to implement the 999 plan, which replaces the tax code with a 9% corporate income tax, 9% personal income tax, and a 9% national sales tax. This, he believes, will help the country transition to the FairTax If you’re interested in Cain, you can go to his website at or on facebook at . I apologize if you found my pushing for Cain annoying, but I thought you might be interested.

      • Mark Avery says:

        Cain does support immediate implementation of the Fair Tax from a philosophical perspective, but is enough of a pragmatist to realize that it’s too much of a leap for too many politicos. Repeal the Sixteenth Amendment? Heresy! Okay, so fine…let that wait – let’s do something close first. Personally, I think that’s a mistake. The original income tax was only a few percent and promised to stay there. We know how that worked. In my opinion, it would be much better to start the education process and go with the full cutover to the Fair Tax rather than take a half measure like 9-9-9. Even so, his plan beats any of the others except the Fair Tax which, unfortunately, has so much misinformation out there (Romney didn’t come up with this argument himself…) that there’s not time between now and next November to whack all the moles.

      • Mike says:

        If we let them implement a consumption tax while still allowing for the income tax the government will take no time ratcheting us from both directions. This, I feel, is a key component of the FairTax, the repeal of the income tax at the same time its implemented.

  2. Charlie says:

    No need to apologize for pushing Herman Cain who I support and hope is the next President of the United States of America.

  3. Qneill says:

    I don’t think the risk of hijacking the 9-9-9 is as great as you fear.

    The primary mitigation is that to change a consumption tax rate, there will have to be a simple and transparent vote “I want to raise the consumption tax rate to 12%”, and even the dumb masses can understand (and resist) that.

    As it is now the tax code can be abridged, nudged, sculpted, revised, enhanced, retooled, overhauled, amended, revisited, clarified (ad infinitum) and most of us don’t even have the bandwidth to follow let alone care.

    I support Mr. Cain’s plan because it seems like the best chance to get us to the FairTax in the end.

  4. It seems that Mitt was equally uninformed/misinformed in the *last* election cycle too:

  5. jeff says:

    The politicians don’t want the fairtax because it takes to much power away from them and puts it back in the hands of WE THE PEOPLE. That is why they demagogue it at every turn. Mr Cain is NOT a politician

  6. john wesley nobles says:

    This will hurt Mr. Romney! His statement tells me that he supports the establishment that listens to the lobbyist over the citizens. Was hopeful that he had seen the light. Fair Tax, HR 25 is the best possible proposal on the table. It deserves to be part of the national conversation!

  7. Also, I wouldn’t put it past CNN to have intentionally asked this question of Romney and *only* of Romney given his prior stance on the issue. Any questions asked, unless it was a call to a specific candidate to justify their record on something, should be asked equally of *every* candidate in any debate like this. Most of the time still seemed to be apportioned by who the “front-runners” in the polls were (which doesn’t mean squat until party primaries come around, and even then don’t necessarily correlate to votes) or who the “big names” were.

  8. Adakin says:

    Remember that in 2002, Romney campaigned against Proposition #1 in MA, a citizens initiative that would have abolished that state’s draconian income tax. Proponents said it would save the average family over $4000/yr but Romney created a “Vote NO on Prop#1” committee to fight the measure. Romney won that battle and the people of his on state lost the battle.

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