The Top Ten Most Important Pages on the Internet Right Now

If you’re a FairTaxer, you need to be a member of #10 & #9, you need to have the knowledge of numbers 8 through 2, and you need to sign and pass-on #1 by October 30, 2011.

10. – The Official FaceBook Page for Americans for Fair Taxation (AFFT)
9. FairTax 2012 – A FairTax Grassroots Advocate Group for diehard supporters of the FairTax
The FairTax legislation, HR 25 & S 13, will:
8. Grow the economy by billions of dollars –
7. Create jobs and restore the Made in America label –
6. Provide monthly “prebate” payments to untax necessities and the poor –
5. Lower tax rates for all income groups –
4. Save $430 billion in annual compliance costs –
3. Lower home costs –
2. Raise equal revenue as the current system –

And THEE most important page on the internet right now is:
1. SIGN THE FAIRTAX PETITION: Please share this page with everyone you know.

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2 comments on “The Top Ten Most Important Pages on the Internet Right Now
  1. Aaron says:

    Great post Robert! I’d also add the link which links to the Fundamentals and Facts paper. It’s a phenomenal summary of the most common FairTax foundational questions.

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