The Death of Our Current Tax System

Wednesday night FairTax Time on the internet, with not 1, but 2 very special guests:

Dick Patten is the president of the American Family Business Institute, a nation-wide organization of family business owners devoted to the permanent repeal of the Federal Estate Tax (also known as the “Death Tax”). Under his leadership the AFBI has gained a dominant role in the Death Tax repeal battle. The AFBI has offices in Washington D.C., Birmingham AL, and Seattle WA.

According to Patten, “The Death Tax is a survival issue for family businesses. It puts family businesses at a competitive disadvantage with their publicly-traded competitors often forcing families to sell off their businesses and farms to pay for Estate Taxes.”

Brent Morehouse has assembled the most comprehensive insider’s view of the Tea Party in his new book “TEA PARTY THE AWAKENING”. This book explores in a clear, concise manner, who the Tea Party is and what they are about. In the Forward section, Morehouse takes you through a brief history lesson of this country – one we should all become re-acquainted with. The parallels he lays out between the revolutionary years and the present day are quite remarkable. A significant part of the book is interviews with Tea Party leaders from across the country.

It is interesting to note that, on, there are 15 reviews of the book – all 15 with 5 stars. I know that many will choose not to put partisan politics aside in order to learn what the Tea Party is all about. Shame. “Forget what you hear in the media, if you want to know what this movement is really all about, read this book!”
Tom A. Tillison

And of course, we will talk FairTax with both guests.

Click the link to Blogtalk radio and listen. You can also see the action in the chat room, which is always lively and sometimes controversial. Sign in and participate if you like.
Or call (619) 393-6478 to listen and/or ask questions and comment.

Wednesday night 6PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern time for 1-1/2 hours.


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