FairTax: Internet Foot Soldiers Desperately Needed

We need more “internet foot soldiers”; or should we nickname them “Keyboard Soldiers”.

Defending the FairTax on Facebook is one thing, but actually hitting the search engines (or RSS feeds, as I do) and finding anti-FairTax articles (or pro-FairTax articles with anti-FairTax comments) is a full time job in itself. Once we know where they are, we need to add our pro-FairTax comments; and we need to ensure the anti-FairTax comments are hidden in the shadows.

If anyone is interested, I’ve already begun most of the work. I will provide you with a full list of RSS feeds that I monitor. If you haven’t got an RSS reader, I will show you how to install and use one. (Possibly a future blog post, here)

The FairTax is a Grassroots movement and we need to take full advantage of the internet to ensure it works effectively and efficiently. If you’re interested in becoming a “FairTax Keyboard Soldier” contact me any way you know how. Blog comment, Twitter, Facebook, email, or phone.

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4 comments on “FairTax: Internet Foot Soldiers Desperately Needed
  1. kicker51 says:

    This is very much in line with the “Ghost Writer” program started by Kristina. Check it out as well on Facebook.

  2. Are there any terms in addition to “FairTax” that you’d suggest using when setting up an RSS feed towards the ends noted above?

    Also, I’d like to suggest the title “keyboard soldier”… something about “Finger Solder” gives me the feeling that a sly joke or two could be made at our expense if using that title (at least publicly anyway 😉 ).

    • FairTaxer says:

      I will often search for FairTax and “fair tax” because there are too many people who just don’t know the difference between the terms. You can also search for terms like “flat tax”, “income tax”, or “consumption tax” as there are some authors and bloggers who seem to be allergic to the term FairTax.

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