Not a FairTax Supporter? Why Not??

Why is Barack Obama not a FairTax Supporter?

Why is John Boehner not a FairTax Supporter?

Why is Kevin McCarthy not a FairTax Supporter?

Why is Harry Reid not a FairTax Supporter?

The answer is because not a single one of them (or their close constituents) have been educated enough on the FairTax. We need -YOU- to continually educate -YOUR- Congressmen and Senators about the FairTax.

Start with POPVOX. Visit each of the 3 links below and send your Congressmen and Senators an educational piece of material about the FairTax. Remember, Keep It Short & Sweet.

Senate Bill #13

House Resolution #25


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2 comments on “Not a FairTax Supporter? Why Not??
  1. Luckily *my* representative and senators are already supporters (or at least not against it and open to the idea in the case of Dan Coates). Otherwise, they would definitely be getting the proverbial ear-full from me :-).

    • FairTaxer says:

      Same with my Congressman (Farenthold, TX-27) and one of my Senators (John Cornyn, R-TX). But Texas is going through a very large redistricting and will be shifting our Congressmen all around. And as for Kay Bailey Hutchison, well, I hear she isn’t running for another term. So, as soon as we have a new Senator in her place, he/she will be hearing it from me, fo sho.

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