Meet the FairTax Economists – #10 – Eleanor D Craig

Elenor D Craig

Eleanor D Craig - FairTax Economist

Eleanor D. Craig
Economics Department, University of Delaware


  • B.A., Economics, Swarthmore College
  • M.A., Economics, University of Pennsylvania


  • Associate Professor of Economics, University of Delaware, 1978-present
  • Associate Chair, Department of Economics, University of Delaware, 1990-2001, 2006-present
  • Visiting Professor of Economics – Jonkoping Business School, Jonkoping, Sweden, Sabbatical leave, Spring 2001
  • Lecturer, University of Lyon, France, Winter 2000
  • Executive MBA Professor, DuPont, Spring 1995, 1996, Fall 1996
  • Executive MBA Professor, MBNA, Spring 1998
  • Economics Professor at University of Sofia, Bulgaria, under U.S.A.I.D. Grant, January 1993, January 1994, November-December 1994, June-July 1996
  • MAEEE Faculty, Summers 1992- 2008
  • Economic Advisor to Pete du Pont’s Presidential campaign, sabbatical leave, fall 1987
  • Visiting Professor of Economics, University of Pennsylvania, sabbatical leave, fall 1979
  • Faculty, Economics Department, University of Delaware, 1962-present
  • Faculty, Economics Department, Rutgers University, 1961-1962

Courses Taught

  • Public Finance in U.S., Bulgaria, Slovak Republic, France and Sweden
  • Money and Banking
  • Economics of State and Local Governments
  • International Economics in U.S. and Switzerland
  • Economic Development
  • Managerial Economics in the Executive MBA Program

Current Research

  • Delaware’s Fiscal Policies
  • Deregulation as an Instrument of State Economic Policy
  • Education Financing and Vouchers
  • Privatization of Public Expenditures, especially Social Security
  • Land Value Taxation

Awards and Fellowships

  • Research Associate in Economics, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, 2003-present
  • Civic Literacy Research Associate, 2004-present
  • Outstanding Faculty Service Award, College of Business & Economics, May 1996
  • Outstanding Professor Award, Mortar Board, University of Delaware, 1986
  • Fellowship to attend John F. Kennedy School’s Executive Management Program, Harvard University, July 1983
  • Outstanding Teacher Award, College Council of Business and Economics, 1973, 1981
  • Delaware Association of Public Administration, Certificate of Merit, 1978
  • Kazangian Foundation National Award with J.B. O’Neill, “Teaching of College Economics,” 1973
  • Omicron Delta Epsilon, Honorary Economics Fraternity
  • Pi Gamma Mu, Honorary Social Science Fraternity
  • Beta Gamma Sigma, Honorary Business and Economics Fraternity
  • B.A. granted with honors in Economics, Swarthmore College


  • “Land Value Taxes and Wilmington, Delaware: A Case Study” National Tax Association Proceedings 2003, Washington, DC 2004, pp. 275-8
  • “Land Value Taxes and Wilmington, Del” State Tax Notes, February 2, 2004
  • Monthly economic analysis articles for
    • Has Big Government Really Ended, January 22, 1998
    • An Upward Trend: Tax Burdens and Homeownership, February 12, 1998
    • More for Less: Productivity Growth and Wage Levels, March 12, 1998
    • Wagering On American Markets, April 9, 1998
    • Do Falling Gas Prices Enhance Stock Market Values? May 7, 1998
    • with A. Hill, Higher Returns for Social Security Contributions, June 4, 1998
    • Do Tight Markets Signal Future Interest Rate Hikes? July 2, 1998
    • Are American Savings Rates Too Low? July 23, 1998
    • Is Banking a Declining Industry? August 21, 1998
    • Is a Strong Dollar the Enemy of Trade? September 17, 1998 with A. Hill
    • Does the Current Weakness in the U.S. Leading Indicators Forecast the Recession of 1999? October 22, 1998
    • Are Labor Markets Weakening? November 1998 with A. Hill
    • Economic Growth as Crime Deterrent, December 17, 1998
  • “Privatizing Airports,” chapter for Privatizing Transportation Services, ed. by Hakim and Bowman, Praegar, 1996.
  • “Federal Responsibility for Banking Reform and the Role of States”, chapter for Responsible Governing: The Global Challenge, ed. Harbeson, Hopkins and Smith, University Press of American, 1994.
  • States Sales Tax Revenue Response to Base Modification with R. Bohm and J. Peretz, State Tax Notes, October 4, 1993.
  • Delaware Economic Overview, monograph for State Chamber of Commerce, November1986, Summer 1991
  • Series of articles for News Journal (with J. Butkiewicz and M. Shone), 1991-92.
  • “The Effects of State Securities Laws on Small Business Capital Formation” (with S. Reznick), monograph for the U.S. Small Business Administration, Office of Advocacy, November 1988.
  • “Does Foreign Competition Hurt Delaware Business?” Delaware Lawyer, Winter 1988.
  • “Sales Tax Base Modification, Revenue Stability and Equity” (with W.R. Bohm), Proceedings of the National Tax Association, Annual Conference, 1988.
  • “Delaware’s Financial Services Labor Market,” monograph for Delaware State Chamber of Commerce, May 1988.
  • “The Stability of Revenue from State Sales Taxes” (with W. R. Bohm), Proceedings of the National Tax Association, Annual Conference, 1987.
  • “Is Agriculture Delaware’s Most Important Industry? The Farm Sector in Perspective,” Top Line, Winter 1987.
  • “Delaware’s Economic Picture,” State Housing Department’s Development Trust Fund Report, January 1986.
  • “Bank Deregulation in Delaware: A Supply Side Success Story,” Top Line, Summer 1986.
  • “Recent Sales Tax Trends: Services as a Point of Departure” (with W. R. Bohm), Proceedings of the National Tax Association, Annual Conference, 1986.
  • “Enterprise Zones: The Critical Role of State and Local Governments” (with S. Reznick), Proceedings of the National Tax Association, Annual Conference, 1984.
  • “Economic Development in the Third District: Three Approaches” (with S. Reznick), Business Review, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, September 1983.
  • “New Federalism and Toll Roads–An Application of the Theory of User Charges,” Proceedings of the National Tax Association, Annual Conference, 1983.
  • “The Economics of Delaware’s Financial Center Development Act,” Wall Street Transcript, January 31, 1983.
  • “Impact of Federal Policies on Municipal Bond Financing,” National Tax Journal, September 1981, Vol. XXXIV #3, pp. 389-94; and Chapter in International City Management Association’s book, Capital Financing Strategies for Local Government, April 1983.
  • Study Guide to Accompany McCarty, “Dollars & Sense,” Scott Foresman, 1979, 1982, 1988.
  • Test Bank to accompany Johnson and Roberts “Money and Banking,” Dryden Press, 1982.
  • “Are Tax and Spending Lids Predictable?”, Proceedings of the National Tax Association, August 1980.
  • “The Significance of Housing Indicators for the State,” Quarterly Review, Delaware State Housing Authority, Summer 1980.
  • “The Effect of Tax Elasticity on Government Spending” (with A. J. Heins), Public Choice, November 1979.
  • “Large Class Retention: Effects of Method in Macroeconomics” (with J. B. O’Neill), Journal of Economic Education, Spring 1979.
  • Demand and Supply of Energy for Delaware, January 1979, Monograph.
  • “State Finances: Delaware as a Case Study,” Public Finance Quarterly, October 1978.
  • “Commentary on the Delaware Economy,” Wilmington Trust Newsletter, quarterly, 1978-1983.
  • “The Predictability of Retention in Economics” (with J. B. O’Neill), Journal of Economic Education, Spring 1975.
  • The Market System: Does it Work?, by J. B. O’Neill (edited by Eleanor D. Craig), Dow Jones Co., 1974.
  • “Attitudes and Retention in Learning” (with J. B. O’Neill and R. M. Fillos), Bureau of Economic and Business Research, abstracted in Eastern Economic Journal, 1974.
  • “Providing Choice Overcomes the Dismal Science Syndrome” (with J. B. O’Neill), Chapter in Economic Education Experiences of Enterprising Teachers, Kazangian Foundation, 1974.
  • “What Factors Contribute to More Effective Learning in Economics” (with J. B. O’Neill), Bureau of Economic and Business Research, ERIC (Education Resources Information Center), January 1975, Abstracted in Atlantic Economic Journal, November 1973.
  • “Should We Provide More Funding for Day Care: A Statement of the Problem” (with J. W. Hunt), Public Policy, Fall 1972.

Invited Expert Witness Testimony

  • “Bret and Patty Shepard, et al, v. Kimberly Rheinoehl, et al, (wrongful injury) Del. Super., C.A. Nos. 99C-06-030-JTV and 00C-08-042-JTV, February 2002-2004
  • “Pollution Abeyance Systems and their Economic Impact in New Jersey” New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Hearing, Port Penn, NJ, January 2001
  • “Electricity and Gas Deregulation in Maryland” Maryland Public Service Commission, Case No. 8820, Baltimore, MD, October 1999
  • “Electricity Deregulation in Delaware” Delaware Public Service Commission, Docket No. 97-65, Wilmington, DE, September 1997
  • “Economic Impact of Pennsylvania’s Prevailing Wage Laws” Labor Relations Committee of the PA House of Representatives, Harrisburg, PA, October 1996
  • Ford Motor Co. at Public Service Commission Hearing to relocate an auto dealership, No. 93-66MV, Union Park Pontiac and GMC Truck, Inc., Dover, DE, September 1993
  • “Delaware’s Prevailing Wage Laws” State Department of Labor, Public Hearing, Wilmington, DE, 1992
  • “William Just v. James River II, Inc.” (lost wages – age discrimination), C.A. No. 90 -330-JJF, U.S. District Court, Wilmington, DE, March 1992
  • “Lisa Agnew et al. v. Mark Froehlich, esq.” (wrongful death and personal injuries) Superior Court of Delaware, C.A. No. 88C-OC-29
  • “Dover Downs, Inc. v. ESPN, Inc.” (long-term contract dispute on broadcast rights), Delaware Court of Chancery, C.A. 11830, Wilmington, DE , March 1991
  • “Anna Baio and Dominic Baio v. Zalis et al.” (damages in auto accident), C.A. No. 86C-JN-56, Superior Court of DE, September 1989
  • “Steven Fluharty v. U.S”. (lost earnings – medical malpractice), U.S. Department of Justice, C.A. No. 87-520-JJF, December 1988
  • “Hunt-Burrows v. U.S.” (wrongful death), U.S. Department of Justice, C.A. No. 88-239, December 1988
  • “Anderson-Stokes, Inc. v. Paul Herrmann, et al.” (damages for personnel defections), C.A. No. 85- CV-9642, Circuit Court for Worcester County, MD, May 1988
  • “Donna Cordrey v. U.S.” (accident’s impact on future earnings), C.A. No. 86-504, LON, U.S. Department of Justice, January 1988
  • “Economic Feasibility of the Brandywine Town Center” PZA 85-93 (Brandywine Raceway), New Castle County Planning Commission, Wilmington, DE , July and November 1985, May 1986
  • “Phoenix Steel’s Application for an Economic Development Tax Credit” Delaware Public Service Commission, PSC No. 85-11, Wilmington, DE, July 1985
  • “James Taylor v. U.S.” (injury of auto assembly line worker), C.A. No. 83-832-CMW, U.S. District Court, September 1984
  • “Reba S. Lovegrove” (disability benefits – Dodge and O’Brien), Dover, DE, February 1984
  • “Reiko Hartley v. U.S., (wrongful death and damages), C.A. No. 83-41-CMW, U.S. District Court, Wilmington, DE, January 1984
  • “Evelyn C. Bucci v. U.S.” (wrongful death), C.A. No. 81-566, U.S. District Court, November 1983
  • “Young, Conway, Stargatt and Taylor v. Corpamerica, Inc.” (inflation adjustments on fee schedules since 1967), No. B-170-67, U.S. Bankruptcy Court in NJ, February 1982

Recent Presentations at Conferences

  • National Tax Association, Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, chaired and organized a session on Fiscal Policy Impact on Senior Citizens, November 2008
  • National Tax Association, Annual Meeting, Cincinnati, OH, chaired and organized session on property taxes, November 2007
  • National Tax Association, Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, discussant for three papers on behavioral economics, November 2006
  • National Tax Association “Land Value Taxation and Wilmington, Delaware: A Case Study” Chicago, IL, November 2003
  • Goucher College guest lecturer “Bulgaria – a Transition Economy” October 2003
  • Thinkwell’s Conference on Teaching Economics with PowerPoint “Monopoly and Oligopoly”, Austin, TX, March 2001
  • National Tax Association Annual Meeting, Austin, Texas, November 1998, presentation of Daniel M. Holland Medal to C. Lowell Harriss for Distinguished Lifetime Achievements in Public Sector Economics.

Recent Professional Meeting Participation

  • Attended most annual meetings of:
  • National Tax Association
  • Philadelphia Federal Reserve
  • American Economic Association
  • Cato Institute Monetary Conference
  • Lincoln Institute of Land Taxation
  • Intercollegiate Studies Institute Civic Literacy Conference
  • Club for Growth

Recent College and University Service

  • University
    • Biotechnology Institute – wrote publicity article, June 2004
    • Battle for Life speech “AIDS Drugs for Africans” November 2003
    • Truman Fellowship – practice interview committee, spring 2003
    • University coordinator for student/faculty exchange with Jonkoping International School of Business, 2001 – 2006
    • LIFE cluster faculty instructor – fall 2000
    • Leadership Conference – October 1998
    • Speech to Academy of Life Long Learning, Globalization Strategies of the US, February 1998
  • College
    • “Advances and Opportunities for Enhancing Student Learning” – conference participant, October 2006
    • Slocomb Professional Award Committee, member, 2005
    • Assurance of Learning Task Force, 2003-present
    • MBA Faculty Promotion Team, member 2002-03
    • Delaware Discovery Day – 2002, 2003, 2007, 2009
    • Strategic Initiatives Planning Committee, Undergraduate Committee, 1997-98
    • Curriculum Committee, 1989-present
    • Delaware Economic Outlook Conference 2001, speaker on the regional economy, Wilmington, October 2001
  • Department
    • ECON Dept. Faculty Contact for Social Science Scholars Program 2004-present
    • Committee to Revise the P and T Document, 2004
    • Student Economic Association, co-faculty advisor, 2003-4
    • Curriculum Committee, 1989-present, Chair, 1989-90, 1992-2001, 2006-present
    • Department Advisor to Honors Program, 1996-present
    • Recent Speeches:
      • “Tribute to Milton Friedman” panel member, November 2006
      • Student Economic Association – presentation on Outsourcing, October 2005
      • Presidential Election Debate, October 2004
      • “Outsourcing/Exporting Jobs in a Globalized World” faculty panel, May 2004
      • “Our Classes and Research Interests” Panel of ECON Professors, April 2004
      • Election 2000: Economic Issues Debate, November 2000
      • Privatizing Social Security, Economics Department Debate, November 1998

Service to Community – Board Memberships

  • SunTrust Bank Delaware-Based Affiliates 2008-present; Dividend Committees for all Affiliate Banks 2008-present
  • PNC, Delaware, 1980-2007; Trust Committee, 1985-2007; Community Reinvestment Committee, 1990-2007
  • Swarthmore College, Board of Managers, 1986-90; Finance Committee, 1986-93; Audit Committee, Chair, 1989-93; Investment Committee, 1987-90
  • National Tax Association, 1984-87; Nominating Committee, 1986-87, 1992-98; Sales Tax Committee, 1984-2004; Counselor, 1984-87, Vice Chair, 1988-90; Committee on Education in Public Finance, Vice Chair, 1993-99
  • Grand Opera House, Wilmington, 1992-2004; Finance Committee, 1995-2004; Development Committee, 1992-95
  • Delaware Horticultural Society, 2003-2006; Investment Committee, 2003-2006; Finance Committee, 2003-2006
  • Economic Security 2000, Advisory Board 1997-2003
  • Advisory Board, Dushkin Publishing Co., Annual Editions in Economics, 1988-2005; Microeconomics, 1992-2005; Macroeconomics 1993-2005
  • Advisory Board, Houghton Mifflin Publishers, 1997-2004

Long Term Service to Community

  • Advisor to Governor P. S. du Pont IV, 1969-present
  • Wilmington Friends School Endowment Committee of the Board of Directors, 1987-97, Chair, 1992-1997
  • Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council (DEFAC) Chair, 1977-85
  • Bulgarian Government – on each of four trips, spent a minimum of four days consulting for several different government ministries
  • Professional meeting participation – I’ve chaired and/or discussed papers at 4 meetings in the past five years
  • Media Presentations – approx. 1 TV interview, 8 News Journal and other local publication interviews, and 2 radio interviews per month

Service to the State and Local Governments in Delaware

  • Advisory Committee for Jack Markell’s bid for Governor of Delaware – 2008
  • 4 tutorial sessions with candidates for New Castle County offices, on state and local finances, Wilmington and Dover, DE, May-September 2004, fall 2006
  • “Supply Side Economics – How Over-regulation/Taxation stifles Economic Growth” First State Series Class, New Castle, DE, March 2004, January 2005, January 2006
  • Advisory Committee on Public Policy for Bill Lee, candidate for Governor of DE, 2004, 2008
  • “Strengths and Weaknesses of the New Castle County Economy”, speech to NCC Economic Development Council and the Executive Committee of NCC, New Castle, March 2004
  • Delaware Health and Social Services Department – quarterly forecasts of inflation for use in Medicaid and nursing homes reimbursement plans, 1992-present
  • Delaware State Chamber of Commerce, Tax Committee, member of and frequent presenter to, 1981- 2006
  • Wilmington 2000, member and frequent advisor 1999-2006
  • Advisor to Mayor Daniel Frawley, Wilmington, 1990-92
  • Delaware’s Finance Department, advisor and participant in rating agency meetings in New York for 13 General Obligation bond sales, 1978-93 Debt Affordability Task Force, 1990-91
  • Delaware Transportation Authority, advisor and participant in rating agency meetings in New York for 8 bond sales, 1984-93 North/South Route Financing Task Force, 1987-92 Delaware Alliance to Improve Transportation, 1990-92
  • Delaware Solid Waste Authority, advisor and participant in rating agency meetings in New York for 3 bond sales, 1989-92

Recent Ad/Hoc Service to Community at Large

  • Referee: Comparative Economic Studies, fall 2002; Eastern Economics Journal, fall 2000, fall 2002, spring 2005; National Tax Journal, August 1991, July 1989; American Educational Research Journal, March 1981; National Science Foundation, May 1981, March 1980; Public Finance Quarterly, May 1978
  • Monthly reviewer of economics books for academic library acquisition, for Choice, The Association of College and Research Libraries, 2000-2005
  • Recent Speeches:
    • “Delaware’s Financial “Crisis’?” State Leadership Committee, Wilmington, March 2009
    • “Supply and Demand Analysis of Energy Prices” First State Public Service Series, Wilmington, January 2006
    • “Delaware’s Economic Future and the Banking Industry” Belfint Lyons and Shuman client tax seminar, Wilmington, October 2005
    • “The Ten Most Important Things for the Delaware Economy” First State Public Policy Series, February 2005
    • “US Recovery from the Recession” National Association of Purchasing Managers – Delaware” Wilmington, February 2004
    • “Economy of Delaware” Annual Jackson Cross Partners Forecast Breakfast, Wilmington, December 2003
    • “Delaware’s Economy and the Recent Recession” Wilmington Investment Partnership, Wilmington, October 2003
    • “Delaware’s Budget: Revenue Shortfall or Expenditure Surplus?” New Castle County Republican’s Annual Meeting, Wilmington, February 2003
    • “Education Financing Options for Delaware” State’s Political Action Committee, Wilmington, April 2002
    • “The Meaning of this Recession to Delaware and the U.S” Sun National Bank’s Annual Luncheon, Newark, December 2001
    • “Is Delaware on the Brink of Another Recession?” National Association of Purchasing Managers, Wilmington, December 2000
    • “Ten Years Later: School Choice” alumni seminar at Swarthmore College, June 2000
    • “Does Delaware Deserve Its Triple A Rating?” National Association of Purchasing Managers, March 2000, and to Forum of Executive Women, March 2000, Wilmington, DE
    • Charity Works’ Contribution to a Regional Economy, Junior League of Wilmington, April 1998
    • Delaware’s Economic Health, Rotary Club of Wilmington, May 1997
    • Capitalizing Social Security, 5 Rotary speeches for Economic Security 2000, Dover, Wilmington, Newark, Spring & Summer 1997

Economic Impact Studies

  • “Recent Trends in Manufacturing Jobs in Delaware” Emory Hill Realtors, August 2004
  • “Impact of the Proposed Video Lotteries in the Qualified Entertainment Zone”, March and November 2001
  • “Brandywine Town Center: Study of the Economic Impact on Delaware” Brandywine Town Center, 1999
  • “The Delaware Construction Industry’s Contribution to the State Economy”, Construction Industry Congress, et al., 1998
  • “Delaware’s Prevailing Wage Laws” Associated Builders and Contractors” 1997
  • “Economic Impact of the Production of 20 Communications Satellites in Los Angeles Co.”, Hughes Electronics, February 1996
  • “The Contribution of Delaware Park to Delaware’s Economy”, Dover Downs Entertainment, 1994
  • “Economic Impact of Pennsylvania’s Prevailing Wage Laws” Commonwealth Foundation of PA, 1994
  • “Delaware’s Prevailing Wage Laws and their Economic Impact” Associated Builders and Contractors, 1991
  • “Economic Impact of Replacing the Brandywine Raceway with the Brandywine Town Center”, Dover Downs, Inc., 1990
  • “Economic Impact of Brandywine and Dover Racetracks’ Horse Racing and Slots”, Dover Downs, Inc., 1989
  • “Economic Impact of Changing Michigan’s Laws on Financial Institutions”, Hudson Institute, 1987
  • “Alternative Fiscal Policies for Iowa: Cause and Effects” Iowa Office of Planning and Development, 1986 and 1987
  • “Economic Impact of the 1986 Federal Tax Law Changes on the State of Delaware” Secretary of Finance, 1986
  • “Economic Development Impact on Texas of Various Tax Policy Strategies” Office of the Governor of Texas, 1986
  • “Office Workers at the Proposed Brandywine Center – Their Economic Impact”, Brandywine Sports Inc., 1986
  • “Economic Impact of 100 New Jobs in Delaware” Delaware State Chamber of Commerce, Wilmington, DE, March 1981
  • “Alternative Tax Policies for Delaware?” Study for Governor du Pont with A. Laffer and C. Kadlec, 1980[14]


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