Meet the FairTax Economists – #12 – Henry Demmert

Henry Demmert

Henry Demmert - FairTax Economist

Henry Demmert, Ph.D.
Santa Clara University


  • Stanford University Ph.D. Economics
  • Stanford University M.A. Economics
  • Santa Clara University B.S. Economics


  • NDEA Graduate Fellowship, Stanford University (1965-68)
  • NSF Graduate Fellowship winner, University of California (1965) and University of Michigan (1965)
  • Beta Gamma Sigma


  • Santa Clara University, Leavey School of Business and Administration
  • Associate Professor of Economics, 1975-present
  • Assistant Professor of Economics, 1968-75
  • Stanford University
  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics, Winter and Spring Quarters, 1974


  • Principles of Economics (including Honors sections)
  • Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • Intermediate Microeconomics
  • Economics of the Public Sector
  • Economics and Law
  • Various seminars on special topics


  • Visiting Scholar, Economic Policy Office, Antitrust Division, U.S. Department of Justice, 1980-81


  • American Economic Association
  • National Association of Scholars


  • Publications:
    • “Experiment on Entrepreneurial Discovery: An Attempt to Demonstrate the Conjecture of Hayek and Kirzner” (with Daniel Klein) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Vol. 50 (2003)
    • “Merger Policy Fails Hi-Tech Test,” Ideas on Liberty, Vol. 50, No. 6 (June 2000)
    • Review of The National Collegiate Athletic Association: A Study in Cartel Behavior by Arthur A. Fletcher III, Brian L. Goff, and Robert D. Tollison, Journal of Economic Literature, v. 30, n.1, December 1992
    • Economics: Understanding the Market Process (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc. 1991)
    • “The Economics of Professional Sports”, Economic Topics Series of the Joint Council on Economic Education, 1976
    • Student Workbook (with M. K. Block) to accompany G. L. Bach, Economics: An Introduction to Analysis and Policy (Prentice-Hall 1974, 1977, 1980)
    • The Economics of Professional Team Sports (Lexington Books, 1973)
    • “Inference from a Menu: A Note on Restaurant Pricing” (with M. K. Block), Applied Economics, 1971.
  • Scholarly Papers and Symposia:
    • “Crime and Crime Control: What are the Social Costs?” Technical Report No. CERDCR3-79, Center for Econometric Studies of the Justice System, Hoover Institute, Stanford Univ. (August 1979) [Also presented at the Conference on the Costs of Crime sponsored by the Office for Improvements in the Administration of Justice, U.S. Dept. of Justice, Washington, D.C. (November 19, 1980)]
    • “A Formal Model of Some Aspects of Class Action Litigation”. Technical Report No. ISDE1-79, Center for Econometric Study of the Justice System, Hoover Institute, Stanford University (May, 1979)
    • “Game Specific Factors and Major League Baseball Attendance: An Econometric Study” (with M. H. Medoff). Paper presented at the Western Economic Association Meetings (June, 1975)
    • “The Relation Between Labor Market Restrictions and Product Market Restrictions in Professional Sports”. Paper presented at the conference on the Economics of Professional Sports, Washington, D. C., May 7, 1974. (Reprinted as Chapter 2 in Conference on the Economics of Professional Sports: Proceedings, Washington D.C., National Football League Players Association.)
  • Research Grants Received:
    • National Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, U.S. Dept. of Justice: Grant #77-NI-99-0071. For a study of the costs of crime and crime control and the preparation of a report for the use of the United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders. (Summer, 1979)


  • California State Department of Transportation (Estimation of wage loss, 1974-77)
  • Walker, McClure, Bohnen & Brehmer (Antitrust damages, 1983-4)
  • Littler, Mendelson, Fastiff & Tichy (Wage and benefit loss estimation, 1984-6)
  • Pacific Bell (Issues in the measurement of the regulatory rate base, 1986)
  • Frandzell & Share (Market analysis pursuant to damage determination in a breach of contract case, 1992-3)


  • Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs (July 1999 – 2008)
  • Faculty Affairs Committee (1995 – 1999), Chair (1996 – 1999)
  • Chairman, Department of Economics (1993 – 1999)
  • Athletic Advisory Board (1987 – 1999), Chair (1988 – 1999)
  • Faculty Representative to the NCAA (1990 – 1999)
  • Academic Coordinator, Family Business Center (1992-93)
  • Search Committee for an Athletic Director (1992)
  • Faculty Affairs Board (1990-92)
  • Steering Committee for NCAA Certification; Chair, Subcommittee on the Student-Athlete Experience (1990-91)
  • University Planning Committee (1986-90)
  • Academic Affairs Committee (1988-90)
  • Academic Coordinator, Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management (summer program sponsored by the National Association of Credit Management, 1989-91)
  • Faculty Personnel Committee (1986-88)
  • President, Faculty Senate (1986-87)
  • Search Committee for an Academic Vice President (1986-87)
  • Steering Committee for WASC Accreditation, Coordinator for Leavey School of Business (1986-87)[16]


I'm the grandson of an Underwood and have been mapping my Underwood Family Tree for a couple years now.

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