Is there a “Fair Tax”?

You people with your “there is no fair tax” theory need to WAKE UP!! If you haven’t noticed, IT TAKES MONEY TO RUN THIS COUNTRY. And if we can’t raise the money to run this country, then we have to “fake it” by printing more money. THAT is what is ruining this Country and the American Exceptionalism that we have stood behind for over 230 years.

  • Is it fair that Illegals live in our country and use our resources w/o paying federal taxes? NO!
  • Is it fair that tourists use our resources and not pay a penny of federal tax? NO!
  • Is it fair that politicians pick winners and losers on our “tax dime”? NO!
  • Is it fair that 47% of Americans avoid or otherwise evade taxes annually? NO!
  • Is it fair that one person be taxed at a different rate than the other? NO!
  • Is it fair that we loan the gov’t money without a penny of interest in return? NO!

NOW HERE’S YOUR WAKE-UP CALL: THE FAIR TAX WILL FIX ALL THAT. So stop dickering and bickering and learn about the FairTax NOW before it’s too late!!

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I'm the grandson of an Underwood and have been mapping my Underwood Family Tree for a couple years now.

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