Which tax will abolish the IRS?

I’m continually being confronted by people on Twitter saying things like “Fair or flat tax, we need to abolish the IRS”, and “We need the flat tax to abolish the IRS”, and many other variants of the phrase that contain “flat tax” and “abolish the IRS”. Even this awesome, amazing, well informed individual is misinformed on the issue (just saying it could be anyone):

Here’s the Problem: The flat tax won’t touch the IRS because a “Flat Tax” is still an income tax. The IRS was put in place back in 1913 to handle what?? That’s right: INCOME TAXES. Oh, and FYI, the flat tax won’t repeal the 16th Amendment either. WHY??? Because it is still an INCOME TAX. Income Taxes (although Constitutional) were not authorized to be collected “without apportioning it among the States or basing it on census results“, THAT’s why we had to have an amendment.


So how do we Abolish the IRS and Repeal the 16th Amendment?

ANSWER: The FAIR TAX. The FairTax is the ONLY tax plan in front of Congress that will both Abolish the IRS and Repeal the 16th Amendment.

How and Why?

The FairTax is a form of Sales Tax. The Sales Tax would be collected by businesses and then remitted to their respective State. From there, each State would remit the taxes collected to the US Department of the Treasury. There would no longer be a need for the IRS (or any IRS-like agency) to intrude upon the lives of Americans. States would ensure tax collection (from BUSINESSES) within their respective State (possibly even a neighboring State, should that State choose not to collect the tax), and the Federal Government would deal directly with the States.

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