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Helping the poor

The FairTax Prebate has little (if anything) to do with helping the poor. Sure, it actually DOES help the poor, but If it were about helping the poor, then only the poor would qualify to receive it; that’s not the case, however. According to HR-25:

`(a) General Rule- For purposes of this chapter, the term `qualified family’ shall mean one or more family members sharing a common residence. All family members sharing a common residence shall be considered as part of 1 qualified family.
`(b) Family Size Determination-
`(1) IN GENERAL- To determine the size of a qualified family for purposes of this chapter, family members shall mean–
`(A) an individual,
`(B) the individual’s spouse,
`(C) all lineal ancestors and descendants of said individual (and such individual’s spouse),
`(D) all legally adopted children of such individual (and such individual’s spouse), and
`(E) all children under legal guardianship of such individual (or such individual’s spouse).
`(2) IDENTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS- In order for a person to be counted as a member of the family for purposes of determining the size of the qualified family, such person must–
`(A) have a bona fide Social Security number; and
`(B) be a lawful resident of the United States.

Bascially, what that says is EVERY LEGAL LAWFUL US CITIZEN with a VALID SSN is eligible to receive the FairTax Prebate. The only people who do not qualify are non-us citizens (illegal immigrants, tourists, etc.) and convicted individuals incarcerated more than 6 consecutive months.

So now that you understand the prebate is for everyone and isn’t about helping the poor, let me help you understand what it is for.

Two Reasons for the Prebate

One of the major reasons we need the prebate is that it treats EVERY LEGAL LAWFUL US CITIZEN as if they are EQUALS and TAXES EVERY NEW product/service equally (used are not taxed at all because they’ve already been taxed), unlike the income tax system which unfairly treats people based on their income level and products/services based on the money contributed to politicians in DC. Even though treating everyone equally is a major reason for having the prebate, it is still not the primary reason. I say that because The United States of America would survive regardless of whether our citizens are treated equally or not. We would adapt and find other ways to treat people equally, as we would find other ways to “help the poor”.

There is, however, one thing that we (The USA) cannot suffer much longer; corruption. We cannot continue to allow our politicians to corrupt our tax code. The income tax code started out as a few pages, but because it didn’t treat every person and every product equally, politicians were able to change and manipulate the tax code. They were able to form it into what they determined was fair to certain groups. That tax code is now well over 73,000 pages long and virtually incomprehensible by 99.99% of Americans. There’s no turning back now, we must start over with a brand new system.

That being said, the primary – the categorical, the ultimate, the absolute – reason we must ensure the prebate is included and remains in the FairTax code is to prevent Politicians from Corrupting the tax code. HOW (you ask)? Because it ENSURES EVERY PERSON IS TREATED EQUALLY and that EVERY product/service is TAXED EQUALLY at the register. If everyone is treated equally, and every product/service is taxed equally, then politicians have no need – or excuse – to change the code. And if they do vote to change the rate, EVERYONE and EVERYTHING is affected equally – INCLUDING THEMSELVES.

Let me ask you this:

  1. Do you LIKE Congress telling you what your necessities are?
  2. Do you like the US Gov’t making choices for you?
  3. Are your necessities the same as your neighbor’s necessities?
  4. Are your necessities the same as your relatives’ necessities?

Without the Prebate

  • Without the Prebate: The FairTax will be just any other Highly Regressive -unwanted- Sales Tax.
  • Without the Prebate: All Americans will be forced to pay tax on their necessities.
  • Without the Prebate: Impoverished Americans will be forced to use 100% of their paychecks to pay tax on their necessites.
  • Without the Prebate: Congress will have the power to tell you what you can and cannot buy as a necessity.
  • Without the Prebate: Congress will have the power to prevent you from buying certain necessities tax-free.
  • Without the Prebate: Congress will have the power to create “entitlements” for certain groups of people at the cost of other groups.
  • Without the Prebate: Congress will have the power to sell tax favors for large corporations, ignoring the needs of smaller businesses who cannot afford to pay for a voice in DC.
  • Without the Prebate: Corporations will have the power to buy tax favors to exempt their products from being taxed.
  • Without the Prebate: Congress will have the power to untax certain products (providing tax favors) to one product over another.
  • Without the Prebate: Congress will have the power to exempt themselves from being taxed.

Without the Prebate you’re not only giving Congress the power to tell you what you can and cannot consume free of tax, you’re giving them the power to take money from Corporations in an exchange for tax favors and providing them with a means of corrupting the tax code. Tax lobbying is out of control in America and we need to put an end to the corruption it causes in DC. Don’t let your Congressman lie to you about the ability of the prebate. Tell them we need the FairTax WITH the prebate, no other way will be acceptable.


I'm the grandson of an Underwood and have been mapping my Underwood Family Tree for a couple years now.

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One comment on “Without The Prebate
  1. FairTaxer says:

    For those in disbelief that the prebate does not include those who are incarcerated:

    `(l) Incarcerated Individuals- An individual shall not be eligible under this chapter to be included as a member of any qualified family if that individual–
    `(1) is incarcerated in a local, State, or Federal jail, prison, mental hospital, or other institution on the family determination date, and
    `(2) is scheduled to be incarcerated for 6 months or more in the 12-month period following the effective date of the annual registration or the revised registration of said qualified family.

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