2015 Prebate Schedule for Single or Married Couples

This is an update to a previous post of mine “FairTax: YOUR Effective Tax Rate” in which I had created the charts you see below.

Make sure you click on the image below to view the full size image.



Understanding the Prebate

The prebate is multifaceted in that it is necessary for a number of reasons. One reason is to untax poverty level consumption for US Citizens. Nearly every legal US Citizen should qualify for the Prebate, but there are a couple groups of people within the US borders who would NOT qualify. They are:

  1. Illegal Aliens; and
  2. Individuals institutionalized (incarcerated) for more than 6 months.

Among those who qualify are any legal US citizen with a Valid (and annually verified) SSN and Legal resident aliens.

As mentioned before, the FAIRtax rebate (prebate) is meant to untax poverty level spending and eliminate any need for politicians to complicate the tax code with a myriad of exceptions for consumption of various items to lower the burden of taxes on the poor. The FAIRtax rebate completely untaxes those living in poverty; and progressively, ones effective tax rate grows the more opulently he lives. But the FAIRtax also promotes adherence to the law because it becomes a carrot for illegals to go home and come over legally.


I'm the grandson of an Underwood and have been mapping my Underwood Family Tree for a couple years now.

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3 comments on “2015 Prebate Schedule for Single or Married Couples
  1. Thank You for the update!

  2. Mark Iverson says:

    Nice “rainbow” colors! The foreigners have a motivation to become US citizens. Apparently the merchant checks the US citizenship of every customer. Can the citizenship and family status be programmed into the new smart credit cards or state drivers licenses?

    • FairTaxer says:

      “Nice ‘rainbow’ colors!” – Thanks, I guess.

      “The foreigners have a motivation to become US citizens” – Doesn’t have anything to do with the FAIRtax. However, “foreigners” (those who are not legal US citizens) will pay the FULL FAIRtax rate, as you can see by solid red line at the top of the charts.

      “Apparently the merchant checks the US citizenship of every customer” – I don’t think you’re fully understanding the FAIRtax. First, every single person in the US, (that includes everyone), let me make this abundantly clear [EVERY SINGLE PERSON] who makes a retail purchase, pays the FAIRtax. Secondly, by definition the FAIRtax is a ‘Retail Consumption Tax’, so once again -every single person- pays the FAIRtax when they make a retail purchase.

      That being said, why would any merchant have to “check the US citizenship of every customer”? That is utterly ridiculous to even suggest something like that be done. Instead, what the FAIRtax does, is provides what is called the ‘prebate’ to every ‘qualified family’. The prebate is a reimbursement of the amount of taxes (JUST THE TAXES) that each qualified family is anticipated to spend on their necessities for the month. This is where the “progressiveness” of the FAIRtax comes from and why all the “rainbow colors” are in that pretty little pattern that increases as you spend more money.

      “Can the citizenship and family status be programmed into the new smart credit cards or state drivers licenses?” – Irrelevant, see my comments above. But to directly answer your question, anything can be done if the need arises.

      I do appreciate your comments.

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