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When talking with people about the FAIRtax, I often hear people try to refute it by saying “a consumption tax would just prevent people from consuming” or “a sales tax would hinder, or lower, the sale of new products”. Along that same line of thought, don’t Income Taxes prevent people from wanting to work? Sure they do! That’s why unemployment is on an everlasting roller coaster ride. Since 1948 there has been a range (2.5-11%) of people who remain unemployed. In that period, unemployment has consistently gone UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN, UP and DOWN… we are currently on a down slope at 5%, but history shows it will go right back up when people are sick of working again.

So let’s give people a reason to work (no more Federal Income Taxes) so they have more money in their pockets to SPEND, SAVE, or do whatever the hell they want with it. It’s YOUR MONEY! Not TheIRS!!

Let’s get rid of the job killing Income Tax and implement something more stable…a CONSUMPTION TAX. The FAIRtax!! join us at http://FAIRtax.org/


I'm the grandson of an Underwood and have been mapping my Underwood Family Tree for a couple years now.

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