FairTaxer A-Z: advocate, backer, campaigner, defender, endorser, friend, go-between, helper, intermediary, junkie, [k], lover, mover, negotiator, operative, proponent, [q], representative, supporter, ten-percenter, upholder, votary, worker, [y], zealot of the FairTax.

Who is FairTaxer?

FairTaxer is NOT associated with NOR supported by the Americans For Fair Taxation (AFFT) or FairTax.org.

FairTaxer is a group of individuals who know the FairTax Act (H.R. 25 / S.122) exceptionally well and are willing to defend it on many different levels.

What is FairTaxer?

FairTaxer is a blog dedicated to defending the FairTax in our own terms. It is NOT the goal of this website to debate the merits of the FairTax. If you would like to debate the merits of the FairTax, you can head over to fairtaxblog.com, that’s all they seem to do over there. Our goal here is to help people better understand the FairTax and to help you better defend the FairTax against unfounded attacks, misconceptions, misinterpretations, and media hype.


What is the FairTax plan?

If you want to learn about the FairTax, you should visit their website: FairTax.org | About – Main

If you want to learn how to defend the FairTax, go Home.

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