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The Death of Our Current Tax System

Wednesday night FairTax Time on the internet, with not 1, but 2 very special guests: Dick Patten is the president of the American Family Business Institute, a nation-wide organization of family business owners devoted to the permanent repeal of the

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FairTax champion Herman Cain defends the FairTax

  ‘Nuff said.

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FairTax: Repatriating Offshore $USD

November 2010 – FairTax Friday: Yesterday afternoon, the shares of Cisco Systems, Inc lost 16.2% of their value. Ironically, last month the CEO of Cisco and the President of Oracle Corporation penned a joint letter in the Wall Street Journal

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FairTax – Expanding the Tax Base

EXPANDING THE TAX BASE AND INCREASING REVENUE UNDER THE FAIR TAX It’s been said by those “in the know” (both Democrats and Republicans) that “the United States doesn’t need more taxes – it needs more taxPAYERS”. Here are several sources

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Answers to the frequently-asked question “What is the Prebate?”

A. First, “prebate” is a word that describes a monthly check (or direct deposit) that every American with a Social Security number receives from the federal government. It is called a “prebate” because it is paid in advance, each month.

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