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FairTax Impact on November, 2010 Elections

Just how did candidates that supported the national FairTax proposal do across the country? Amazingly well! Of the 435 races for the House, 114 of them involved candidates expressing some level of support for the FairTax. One race, OH07, had

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The Income Tax: Revenue Raiser or Tool of Tyrants

Relatively few people realize that for much of our history, the income tax did not exist.  Our Nation was founded, grew, and became a major world power, all without having any form of individual or corporate income taxation.  In fact,

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The FairTax and the Debt Ceiling

The last few weeks have seen an unprecedented furor over fears that the United States would default on its obligations due to a failure to raise our $14.3 trillion limit.  As inconceivably high as that number is, the United States

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FairTax Prebate: Fair or Foul

The prebate is an integral part of the FairTax, and essential to one of the fundamental principles upon which the FairTax is built, namely an individual’s right to the fruits of their labors comes before any claims the federal government

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FairTax: No More Mister Nice Guy

While those of us who support the FairTax have been educating the public, lobbying public officials, and working to promote the FairTax, many have been working just as hard to destroy the American economy through the imposition of every higher

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FairTax: What Will It Take?

No one who knows anything about Washington politics ever thought passing the FairTax would be easy.  The fact is, in real terms, it may be harder to get the FairTax passed than our original rebellion against the British Crown and

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Reasoning Out the FairTax

Reason Magazine did far more emoting than reasoning in their recent (May, 2011)  article on the FairTax, Fair Tax Fouls.  Instead of using logic and analysis of the benefits or drawbacks of the FairTax compared to our current, antiquated system

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