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FairTax: Let’s Put an End to Class Warfare

Let’s look at this from a completely different perspective. We’re all smart and all have backgrounds that influence our assumptions and judgments. When we start talking about new tax plans, every one of us suddenly turns into a Macro Economist. We start discussing compliance costs, human behavior, cheating, exports, imports, etc but…

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Guest Post by Max Pruger

I have decided to listen to all the naysayers and drop my support of the FairTax. Instead, I have come up with and will be pushing my own tax plan. My tax plan along with all the amendments and additions will consist of …

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The Lemonade Stand, by Max Pruger

It’s simple. Companies are created for one sole purpose, profit. They make decisions based on how to maximize their profit. In 1955, it was very costly to move a manufacturing facility to China or other places in the world. Today,

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