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This page has been a long time coming. Everyone in the FairTax community is well aware of the propaganda and myths purported by Mark Curran (the author of fairtaxgoofy) and we all know there is no validity to what he says. I’ll bet you’re saying to yourself “if there’s no validity, then why have you written this page?”. I think the answer is pretty clear; some people can’t distinguish between fact and fiction and they’re becoming more frequently visible on the internet. Which is why this page was gradually and eventually needed.

Fair Tax Fine Print

The FairTax doesn’t have any Goofy Fine print. There are footnotes in the studies and whitepapers, but the FairTax itself doesn’t have any fine print.  The only thing goofy about is the author who continues to ignore the facts presented to him. Mark has been presented information numerous times and continues to ignore information that dozens of people have repeatedly confronted him with. Confront him or ignore him, but if you’re going to confront him, do it with caution as you will be the direct recipient of his vitriol and discontent.


If you would like to read the actual FairTax Bill, you are certainly welcome to do so. Both and have the Bill online and they keep it updated in each Congress it is introduced. Simply go to either of the previous links and search for “HR25”.

Mark’s Issues

Mark is only showing you what HE wants to show you. Like all liberals, Mark is being guided by emotion, not truth (even though they claim they’re in search of the truth). Starting from the top, here are some of the Issues where Mark (and other’s like him) are letting their emotions get in the way.

Personal Consumption

Image created by Mark to falsely define the FairTax.

This is what actually says about the FairTax:

What is taxed?

The FairTax is a single-rate, federal retail sales tax collected only once, at the final point of purchase of new goods and services for personal consumption. Used items are not taxed. Business-to-business purchases for the production of goods and services are not taxed. A prebate makes the effective rate progressive. ~

As you can see by comparing the image and quote above, Mark’s has removed the truth from the definition. The FairTax isn’t a tax “on personal consumption”, it is a tax “at the final point of purchase of new goods and services for personal consumption”. In other words, not all personal consumption is taxed, only the consumption of NEW goods and services.

Bush Tax Panel

Mark says: “As President Bush Tax Panel showed, in their study of Fairtax, the tax rate would be 89% if Fairtax only taxed retail sales”. But it has been pointed out to him numerous times that the Bush Tax Panel converted the FairTax into their own twisted version of a tax system, then claimed that tax system wouldn’t work. Here is an 11 page PDF that refutes the entire tax panel claims:

Tax on Cancer Patients

For example, is it possible to tax a cancer victims on Medicare 30,000 dollars? Did you even know all cancer victims, even those on Medicare, are personally liable for about $30,000 dollar fed tax, on their “consumption” of cancer surgery and chemo, if that “consumption, is 140,000 dollars? ~ Mark Curran

Mark brings up a valid point “How can we tax Medical Services”? But, in all his infinite wisdom, what Mark fails to reveal is that those same services are being taxed today. Those services, just like all other services, are loaded with hidden taxes.

There are hidden taxes on the Doctors, Nurses, and staff associated with the hospital; there are hidden taxes on the equipment and products they purchase and use daily; and there are even hidden taxes on the cost of building and furnishing  the hospital.

By eliminating the multitude of income taxes hidden in everything purchased or used for a hospital, the FairTax will eliminate those hidden taxes from the system; ultimately causing the cost of those services to drop. So when the FairTax itself is added back in, the cost of those services is about the same as before.

Taxing State & Local Governments

Fairtax taxes all city governments a 23% wage tax, a 23% pension tax, and a 23% operational expenditure tax. They even tax your city a 23% tax, in advance, on capital investments.

The FairTax will be imposed on governments in the same manner as businesses. The tax will not be imposed for government related expenses but will be imposed if the items are not related to conducting government functions. Failing to impose the FairTax on governments while doing so in the private sector will enable governments to purchase items 23%/30% less than the private sector. The result will be too many goods acquired by governments with relatively few goods circulating among the private sector. Governments will effectively be able to control the economy.

The US government has had an advantage over any private business because it doesn’t have to turn a profit to operate or break even. The issue Mark brings up is not an issue with the FairTax but an issue with how government does business. Spending needs to be reduced, FairTax doesn’t address spending, it just brings the issue out into the open. For the government to operate under a FairTax system it would have to either raise prices (taxes) or lower prices (costs) the same as any business. Private businesses, however, benefit because of the compliance costs that lower prices automatically. Government would no longer have an advantage over businesses.

New goods and services are taxed. Government is providing services and thus under The FairTax will be taxed just as private services are. Government should not have an advantage over the private sector so if they cannot provide the service at a competitive cost….then they shouldn’t be doing it at all. That being said I refer to ‘competitive’ as a private business doing it more competitive and not government being the only provider of that service.

FairTax – Answering the Idiots #1

FairTax – Answering the Idiots #2

Footnote 19

I’ve got an entire page dedicated to Footnote 19 right here:

Principles of Interpretation

Here is another instance where Mr Mark eliminates the truth from his interpretation.

Another image that Mark created to give you only part of the picture.

How `SEC 1. (b) actually reads is this:



As you can see, Mark left out some pretty important information; probably because it hurt his agenda to leave it in.

Taxing the Federal Government

Mark asks: “And why tax the government anyway?”. The answer to that is in the following PDF. It’s not an easy answer, but once you see it, you will understand and most likely agree with the reason why we must equally tax the Government. Why the FairTax Taxes Final Government Consumption


4 comments on “Goofy Fineprint
  1. “By eliminating the multitude of income taxes hidden in everything purchased or used for a hospital, the FairTax will eliminate those hidden taxes from the system; ultimately causing the cost of those services to drop. So when the FairTax itself is added back in, the cost of those services is about the same as before.”

    There’s a sort of right-wing, trickle-down-economics-isn’t-snake-oil assumption in there that time’s given the lie to: absent external control, reduced costs rarely end up in the pockets of consumers, the producers take them as increased profit.

    • FairTaxer says:

      Interesting thought, Jay. Thanks for your comment. I’m not sure how you can believe that “reduced costs rarely end up in the pockets of consumers”. Understand that companies are in business to make a profit. They can’t survive if they don’t. That is Capitalism. But when companies do make more of a profit, they do a few things:

      1. They share that profit amongst their owners and board members (consumers),
      2. they share that profit in the form of increased wages of their employees (consumers),
      3. they share that profit in the form of new jobs by hiring new employees (consumers), and
      4. in many cases (such as large retail stores), they share that profit by lowering prices to their consumers.

      The difference between now and a post-FairTax era is that the majority of the money we are spending now is going to other countries. If we can get the FairTax passed, that money will go to US born, US built Companies.

      • Current history suggests that 1 happens a lot, and 2, and 4, much less so to the point of absurdity. 3, only when they absolutely have to.

        3, in particular, gives the lie to the “job creator” nonsense so beloved of the right, to the extent that it happens.

        Take a look at numerical income inequality over the last 4 years if you need backing evidence for this. See also the value of the Wal Mart estates.

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