4 comments on “FairTax
  1. God Bless this Website. Let all who enter here take the time to read about FairTax and learn how this Plan is our only hope for fiscal recovery in short order for the USA.

  2. I am reading everything that this will do (and it sounds awesome) but I am seeing nowhere on this website the “how”. When someone tells me something that sounds magical and doesnt explain how it works, that usually means there are consequences that are not being explained or taken into account…..

    • fairtaxer says:

      Sorry Raymond, in my experience most people don’t care about the how, only the what. For them, we are here to explain what is done.

      For the people who want to know how it’s done, there is this page: HR-25. You can read the entire bill.


  3. TN Employee $11.00 hr. Saves 646.73 per year under the 999 plan. http://hermancaint-shirts.com/999-plan.htm

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