…for Democrats

The FairTax for Democrats

The FairTax CANNOT pass both the House and Senate without BIPARTISAN support. Democrats and Republicans MUST work together to make this happen. But in doing so should realize that the FairTax is truly a NON-PARTISAN plan that affects ALL AMERICANS equally.

ONE thing the FairTax SHOULD be known for is its ability to cross the aisle on typical partisan issues; primarily tax reform, but it also addresses illegal immigration, assistance for the poor in America, the exportation of jobs from America, education, and so much more. If you’re a Democrat, or you’re trying to convince a Democrat that the FairTax is what this country needs, or you just want to see the FairTax from the Democratic perspective, then I urge you to read on.

My first suggestion is to listen to this video of Jessica Wexler, Obama Campaign Organizer and staunch Democrat.

Listen to Senator Gravel talk about the FairTax:

Then, check out the following links:

Other Excellent Resources

Answer this Quick Poll: Can Liberal Democrats Support the FairTax Bill that replaces the Current Tax Code and Abolishing the IRS?

And finally, if you have questions, or something doesn’t smell right to you, ASK. But please don’t just make assumptions that may or may not be correct. Assumptions are what is killing the FairTax now. Let’s put an end to the assumptions and get the IRS out of our pockets NOW!

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