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Why ‘Having the IRS do your taxes for you’ is such a HORRIBLE IDEA!

I think the Liberal Lefties have reached an all time low with this one. Most of us have known for a very long time that Democrats LOVE BIG GOVT, but this is the most egregious abuse of Gov’t ever offered

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HR-6169 – The Pathway to Job Creation through a Simpler, Fairer Tax Code Act

I have read HR6169 in its entirety and it is my opinion, and the opinion of others, that we should get behind HR 6169 for the following reasons: 1. HR6169 is co-sponsored by Congressman Rob Woodall. If there is any

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What changed your mind?

Regardless of whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, a Liberal or Conservative, or a Left- or Right-winger, if you didn’t initially like the FairTax, what changed your mind? What was the ultimate turning point that made you see the FairTax

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