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What changed your mind?

Regardless of whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, a Liberal or Conservative, or a Left- or Right-winger, if you didn’t initially like the FairTax, what changed your mind? What was the ultimate turning point that made you see the FairTax

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Guest Post: Is the Fair Tax really going to be fair for boosting America’s future?

UPDATE: I have edited the FairTax information to reflect what is in Congress as of April 2013 Below is a guest post from someone who is more of an Income Tax thinker, than a FairTax thinker. I picked this post

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The FairTax Benefits Retirees Who Depend Mostly on Social Security

Attn: AARP For older, low-income households, the FairTax generates a major reduction in remaining lifetime taxes. Again, the reason is that the elderly not only continue, under the FairTax, to receive the same real Social Security benefits, they also receive

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RE: Six Reasons Why The FairTax Is A Really Bad Idea

The reason I’m posting this here is because, as you can see, my rebuttal to Alex Kauffman’s post “Six Reasons Why The FairTax Is A Really Bad Idea” is quite lengthy. The Blogger interface, although very easy to log in

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Freeing Up the FairTax

Julie Borowski of FreedomWorks put out a nice little article titled “Flat Tax vs. Fair Tax” on July 06, 2011, but seems to have omitted (unintentionally, I’m assuming) some very pertinent facts about the FairTax. I will agree with Julie in

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No Federal Sales Tax up to the Poverty Level Means Progressivity Like Today’s Tax System

FairTax FACT: No federal sales tax up to the poverty level means progressivity like today’s tax system. FairTaxFraud: Two things. First, since everybody (rich and poor) get the $187 poverty prebate it’s not progressive. Second, since the FairTax taxes consumption

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