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FairTax for Beginners

New to the FairTax? Want to understand it, but don’t know where to start? It’s okay, you’re not alone. Millions of people still haven’t heard of the FairTax; despite the fact that it’s been in front of every Congress since

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Does the FairTax tax food and gas?

Will FairTax tax FOOD? I’ve been asked this question enough to know that nobody likes the direct answer they get. That being said, you probably already know the answer. But, what most people don’t understand is that the FairTax compensates

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HR-6169 – The Pathway to Job Creation through a Simpler, Fairer Tax Code Act

I have read HR6169 in its entirety and it is my opinion, and the opinion of others, that we should get behind HR 6169 for the following reasons: 1. HR6169 is co-sponsored by Congressman Rob Woodall. If there is any

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RE: 120711: Fair Tax

UPDATE: This was my response to an article written by Peter Konetchy and posted on his (now deactivated) website. The important quotes have been highlighted below. Here is my 1st response to: “Proponents of the Federal Fair Tax want

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Was Mitt Romney right about the FairTax?

The claim made by Governor Romney, that the FairTax would lower the tax burden on the lowest and highest incomes while raising it on the middle-income wage earner (current tax code implied), is inconsistent with the preponderance of information that may be accessed from multiple sources comparing the FairTax with the current tax code.

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What changed your mind?

Regardless of whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, a Liberal or Conservative, or a Left- or Right-winger, if you didn’t initially like the FairTax, what changed your mind? What was the ultimate turning point that made you see the FairTax

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Guest Post: Is the Fair Tax really going to be fair for boosting America’s future?

UPDATE: I have edited the FairTax information to reflect what is in Congress as of April 2013 Below is a guest post from someone who is more of an Income Tax thinker, than a FairTax thinker. I picked this post

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